Building, Fire, Life Safety & Accessibility Code Consulting Services

At JS Consulting Engineers, PLLC (JSCE), our fire, life safety, accessibility code consulting services are focused on partnering with our clients and their teams to develop a tailored code compliance approach to achieve project goals and satisfy applicable regulatory requirements. Our team of experts is available to provide comprehensive support through the planning, design, construction, and commissioning/approval phases of your project, ensuring that the design is positioned to efficiently obtain a permit and certificate of occupancy.

  • Existing Conditions Reviews – Facility reviews to document current-state fire, life safety, and/or accessibility conditions and understand baseline conditions in improvement projects.
  • Code Compliance Approach Development – Narrative summarizing the project-specific approach to meeting the applicable code requirements, including areas where compliance alternatives are needed.
  • Design Reviews – Monitoring design progress via real-time and/or milestone reviews of project designs to ensure alignment with the project code compliance approach.
  • Compliance Alternative Development – Craft alternative strategies to achieve intent of prescriptive requirements where necessary to achieve project goals and engage with authorities having jurisdiction to achieve necessary approvals.
  • Hazardous Materials Use and Storage – Review of the types, quantities, and storage arrangement of hazardous materials in laboratory, industrial, and other hazardous settings in accordance with applicable code requirements to ensure the safe use of these materials. This includes development of protection strategies.

JSCE’s Accessibility Code Consulting Services ensure that buildings are accessible and usable by all people, including those with disabilities. Our consulting services cover ADA Standards, FHA Design Guidelines, and local and state accessibility regulations, ensuring that your projects are compliant from the outset.

Services Offered
  • Accessibility Audits and Assessments: Evaluating existing buildings or designs to identify barriers to accessibility and recommend modifications.
  • Design Consultation: Assisting architects and designers in creating accessible spaces from the ground up.
  • Compliance Reviews: Review plans and specifications for compliance with all applicable accessibility codes and standards.
  • Training and Education: Providing training sessions for clients and their teams on accessibility requirements and best practices.